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What are the material classification of color boxes?

2021-01-07 10:46:08

      Divided into two categories: facial paper and pit paper. Usually color box face paper is commonly used (called in Taiwan): powder gray paper, gray copper, cupronickel, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, kraft paper, etc. "white board" total 2 Species: 1, white copper, 2, single copper. What they have in common is that both sides are white. The difference is "white copper": one side is smooth and the other side is not smooth, that is, one side has a coated surface and the other has no coated surface. The popular point is that the front side can be printed, but the reverse side cannot be printed.

     "Single copper": Both front and back are coated, and both front and back can be printed. Gray-bottomed gray boards have this kind of paper, but they are not used on color boxes. Gray-bottomed whiteboards are so-called "gray copper paper". The front side is white and can be printed, while the back side is gray and cannot be printed. The general white card is also the "white background whiteboard" paper, which is just the abbreviation for general quotation, except for special white cards, such as platinum cards and silver cards.

     Powder gray paper, one side is white, the other side is gray, the price is low, double powder paper is white on both sides, and the price is high. The material of the color box is determined according to the shape and size of the product. Commonly used materials are: 280G powder gray paper, 300G Powder gray paper, 350G powder gray paper, 260G powder gray mounting E pit, 260G double powder paper mounting E pit, etc.

    According to the packaging weight of the product and the positioning of the product, the commonly used materials are: gray paper: generally 250g-450g; coated paper: generally 250g-400g.

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