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Why can color box packaging stand out among many packaging materials?

2021-01-07 10:50:01

      Looking back at history, in the packaging field, color boxes have been limited to tobacco and pharmaceutical packaging in the early days, and have not become the main packaging method of fast-moving consumer goods for commercial printing, so their share in the packaging market is limited. The relatively stable market demand of "not tepid" means that the color box itself does not have higher and more detailed requirements. It wasn't until the end of the last century that color boxes slowly began to be admired by the market for environmental reasons. In addition to the two previously occupied areas, there is now a considerable increase in new markets such as food packaging, daily chemical packaging, and electronic consumer product packaging, and this trend is still developing.

      It is not accidental that color box packaging can stand out from the printing market among many packaging materials. In addition to the characteristics of light weight, portability, and wide sources of raw materials, in the context of today's promotion of sustainable development, its environmental protection has become an absolute reason for vigorously developing color box packaging. At the same time, green and pollution-free has also become a new direction for enterprise development.

      In addition, color box packaging has other features: on the one hand, combined printing, the application of a new generation of printing technology with high-efficiency anti-counterfeiting characteristics makes color box manufacturing reflect the high-tech charm. Relying on this type of technology can greatly increase the difficulty and cost of forgery, thereby preemptively eliminating possible counterfeiting incidents; on the other hand, the box-shaped design and beautifully printed color box has a stronger visual impact when packaging goods. Chinese printing companies Stronger, it is easier to arouse consumers' desire to buy. Color box packaging has been deeply integrated with commodities, and plays an increasingly important role in the process of successfully selling products. Ink and wash balance.

      Because of the many advantages of color box packaging, in developed countries in Europe and America, it has been favored by end users in various industries, surpassing other packaging institutions/organizations in one fell swoop, and has become the mainstream packaging form in the current European and American packaging market. Moreover, in the packaging markets of these developed countries, there is a clear awareness of "color box packaging market".

      Compared with developed countries in Europe and America, China's color box packaging market is still in an immature price range, and there is still no clear awareness of "color box packaging market segmentation". Color box packaging has not been defined as dairy packaging within a specific scope, and there is no accurate understanding of the scope of color box packaging. "Subdividing the color box packaging market, accurately understanding the scope of color box packaging, and making it bigger and stronger" has been reduced to a topic to be solved by decision makers in the Chinese packaging industry. We can see from the packaging evolution process of developed countries in Europe and America that "color box", as an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and mature packaging form, has unlimited development prospects. Moreover, with the rapid growth of consumption brought about by China's sustained economic growth, the market development of color box packaging for carrying commodities will also have a bright prospect. It is inevitable that "color box" packaging has become the mainstream packaging form in China.

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