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Traditional label printing characteristics

2021-01-07 11:31:52

(1) The labels (especially film labels) on the market now mostly use screen printing and flexographic printing, which not only have complicated processing techniques, longer cycle times, and poor timeliness.

(2) In terms of product design, the selection of design schemes must undergo repeated proofing and modification, which is not only troublesome, but also costly.

(3) The traditional printing method should realize variable data printing and digital coding. The printing of anti-counterfeiting labels such as barcodes, etc., needs to be printed twice or even three times, which is more cumbersome than digital printing.

(4) It is not possible to handle short-run jobs with less than 2000 copies, such as the labels or packaging of some promotional items or trial products, which makes printing companies not only unprofitable but also at a loss when undertaking these businesses.

(5) Customers are demanding higher and higher printing quality, but the print volume is getting smaller and smaller, making the market competitiveness of traditional label printing continue to decline.

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