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What supporting equipment does the color box have?

2021-01-07 11:36:32

(1), color box before printing, digital fast printing, offset printing, rotary printing

● Pre-press, CTP, graphic arts image, multimedia technology

●Digital printing and proofing technology, DI technology, fast printing technology equipment

●Rotary, offset printing, printing machinery and equipment

●Printing information network transmission equipment

●Paper, ink, plate, consumable

(2), color box trademark, flexo printing, gravure printing, silk screen, special printing Label, trademark printing machinery and equipment Screen and special printing technology equipment, plate making technology Self-adhesive printing equipment and consumables Flexo gravure plate making technology equipment Flexo gravure printing machinery and equipment Flexible packaging printing machinery and equipment Anti-counterfeiting technology equipment Hot stamping machine, anti-counterfeiting equipment RFID label technology equipment IC card, bill printing equipment Testing equipment Related materials, inks, consumables

(3) Color box, carton, paper industry, paper product processing packaging and printing equipment Color box printing and packaging machinery and equipment Paper processing and packaging technology equipment Die cutting machine, box mounting machine, box making machine, paper cutter Various paper, paper boxes and other paper products packaging materials Art paper, specialty paper, office paper, environmentally friendly recycled paper

(4) After color box printing, packaging and printing machinery and equipment Laminating, glazing, hot pressing, die cutting, slitting, collating, binding and other mechanical equipment Printing and packaging machinery and equipment Folder gluer, paper mounter, creasing machine, slotting, corner cutting, strapping machine, etc. Related equipment parts .Color box There are two types of color boxes: color boxes with window openings and color boxes without windows. (Color boxes are divided into corrugated color boxes and non-corrugated color boxes.) Window color boxes are also divided into two types: window color boxes with film and window color boxes without film.

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